Each design discipline has its own physical and mental tools. I like to explore with different types of models and customized user’s approaches. I implement concepts of psychology, sociology, anthropology, history, semantics and aesthetics. On the other hand, concepts of human factors, ergonomics, engineering, materials science and technology. In regards the physical tools, I give a high importance to sketching and testing with real users, within real contexts.

IDITA carefully assess your needs to customize a comprehensive ID-KIT© for you!

  • Project/Product management
  • Product/Service/Planning consulting
  • Research (product/user/context) including market research
  • Analysis and product specifications
  • Brainstorming and concepts exploration
  • Concept refinement (aesthetical/technical)
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Sketches, manual and digital rendering
  • 3D modeling and rendering
  • Animation
  • Rapid prototyping including 3D printing
  • Block models, prototypes and mock-ups
  • Usability testing
  • Fabrication specifications: plans, BOM and CNC
  • Print specifications: graphics and guidelines
  • UX/UI specifications: sitemap, wireframes and graphic interface
  • Packaging
  • Manuals
  • Report
  • Link with fabricators/builders/print facilities/web developers
  • Setup of existent website template
  • Follow-up