Designer & Artist



I am Diana, a multidisciplinary creative able to create from the digital to the territorial scale!

I possess an extensive background in design, including a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design, a dual Master’s degree in Architecture, Urban Planning/Design and Landscape Design, college certificates in User Experience Design (UX), Advanced Graphic Design, Digital Media Foundations and Web Design to be completed soon.

To complement this knowledge, I have also developed my skills in Learning Experience Design (LXD), User Interaction Design (IxD), User Interface Design (UI), Project Management, Education and Community Art.

This wide knowledge allows me to have a holistic mindset, making analytical connections through different disciplines, and being able to communicate using different languages and tools within a multidisciplinary team.

I am also an entrepreneur running my design studio IDITA, offering multidisciplinary design and art services with a holistic approach to provide sustainable solutions as well thoughtful digital and physical experiences.

I aspire to continue expanding my mind with meaningful experiences and collaborative projects.

Thanks for visiting!