Vertical Intersections

Vertical Intersections is a series of vertical gardens that invite locals into shared public space to grow plants, share stories, and create community. It nourishes opportunities for interaction and new friendships fighting loneliness and social isolation; grows awareness of local ecosystems and the importance of their protection and integration into urban landscapes, and educates the community to reclaim and create more green urban spaces.

The vertical gardens are representative of local populations living in high-rise buildings. The gardens consist of a series of pockets — each planted with its own native or foreign species — symbolizing the individual urban dweller in their unit. Collectively they represent our vision of growing together as a diverse community, coexisting in symbiosis and supporting each other.

Participants can help co-create this vertical community garden and become a part of the Vertical Intersections community by crafting a personalized plant pocket and “adopting” a plant. Everybody is invited to gather for social gardening through the Vertical Intersections installation, this is an ongoing opportunity to water the garden plants, share gardening resources, meet neighbours and make new friends, all while enjoying complimentary herbal teas and nature-inspired music. 🌿😃😄🍵🎶

IDITA is looking for new opportunities to share Vertical Intersections with other communities located anywhere in the world. It can be part of an event, festival, display, gallery, museum, store, cafe, center, park, school, workplace, etc…It can be done outdoors as well as indoors all year round, using different customized possibilities. Let’s discuss it over a cup of tea! 🙂

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Coming events of the “Vertical Intersections Series”

Vertical Intersections & POK¡ Launch @ Milan Design Week 2020

DesignTO Awards 

I had the honour to receive the DesignTO People’s Choice: Community Wellbeing Award for my project Vertical Intersections & Pok¡.

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Design Process

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Initial Concept Visualization