Vertical Intersections




Vertical Intersections w/ IDITA
September 10 @ 8:00 am – October 31 @ 5:00 pm Free


Vertical Intersections is a series of vertical gardens surrounding the columns of the Gardiner Expressway at The Bentway. It invites local condo dwellers out of their units and into shared public space to grow plants, share stories, and create community.

The vertical garden pockets are each planted with foraged local and foreign species, symbolizing the individual urban dweller in their high-rise unit. Collectively they represent our vision of growing together as a diverse community, coexisting in symbiosis and supporting each other.

This installation nourishes opportunities for new friendships, grows awareness of wild plants and their integration into urban landscapes, and educates on urban gardening design and activism by inviting the community to reclaim and create more green spaces.

Informed by The Bentway’s Fall 2019 theme “Second Nature,” this installation aims to bring us closer to both “environmental nature” and our “social nature” through the exchanges of urban gardening.

Thanks to my community!


IDITA is the design studio of multidisciplinary designer Diana Guzman Valencia.

Diana is passionate about creating urban spaces that encourage interaction, sensitization, integration, culture, education, and nature conservation.

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