El Río Suena

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I was honoured to be selected in a team of creative people to be part of a laboratory to create an installation for the Modern Art Museum “La Tertulia” in Cali, Colombia. The installation is called “El Río Suena” that translates “The River Sounds”. It was a great experience that allowed me to learn more about: art, electronics, sound, installation, ecology, history, etc… and the most important to meet amazing people! 😀

“The city has grown on the banks of the Cali River and, nevertheless, our link with its reality and its history is fragile. We go through it habitually immersed in the noisy tangle of urban traffic, which prevents us from listening and recognizing it. “El Rio Suena” is a laboratory that proposes a sound reunion with the Cali River, through the collaborative construction of a hydrophone system that allows recording its sound and amplifying it inside the Casa Obeso Mejía.” http://www.museolatertulia.com/museo/educacion/el-rio-suena/laboratorios/