Design brief that encapsulates the elements of Visocast Case Study incorporating the Design Brief standards

Company profile

Shari Sunari is a recognized and audacious company that provides multimedia, personalized and user-centric experiences to their users, through partnering with companies’ leaders in infrastructure, consumer electronics, and content distribution.

Project Overview

The new product to be developed further by the selected digital agency partner is called VisoCast, which is a multimedia channel that at the difference of traditional TV models, it can be visualized in different platforms (computer, mobile, etc…).

Users can use an app as a universal control giving access of limitless content, as well as being part of a enthusiastic community to share their interest; they can also personalise their profile by choosing the content that they want to watch, remove adds or watch them in exchange of credits towards subsidizing their bill.

Goals & Objectives

VisoCast is leveraging its partners’ leadership to create a truly customizable, user-centric service that explodes current network models. Therefore, they are looking for a digital agency that is able having the vision to develop innovative and comprehensive solutions across multiple platforms, following a deeply understanding of the following aspects:

Business, financial and marketing planUnderstands the business goals of VisioCastIn order to develop the right solution to the problem and to meet the company targets
TechnologyUnderstand the current networks models, infrastructure, consumer electronics, and content distributionin order to be knowledgeable, critique and creative about the technology used internally and also ultimately by the users
AestheticUnderstand the experience of visual content consumption nowadays and visualize the future directionin order to be knowledgeable and creative about the user’s expectations, limitations and wishes and develop and informed and wise strategy
Technology and AestheticUnderstand their potential users and how to attract them, please them, keep them and generate new leadsIn order to develop more than a product, but an enriching experience worth to recommend

Target Audience

  • Enjoy watching visual content such as shows, movies, documentaries, videos, etc…
  • Are mobile and want to access the content anywhere using the latest devices and technology
  • Want to be part of a specialized community or share their interest in social media
  • Want have the technical and educational tools to create their own professional looking content and promote themselves
  • Would like and intuitive and user friendly platform at the difference of other overwhelming products
  • Dislikes adds or don’t mind watching/using them in exchange of a deal
  • Have access to premium tools in exchange of adds postings

Design Requirements

  1. Design the interface viewers use to locate, organize, share and view content
  2. Spark the creation of great user-generated content
  3. Launch and promote VisoCast across platforms
  4. Serve and retain customers after they sign up

Budget & Schedule

PhasesTime (9 months)DeliverablesBudget
ResearchSpringPresentation and report$5,000
IdeationSummerPresentation and report$5000
DevelopmentFallPresentation and report$10,000
Jan 2021